I’m just who I am.

My nickname when I was a nursery school was “I.”

“I will do,” “I will,” “I.”

I was called “I” by my teacher.

“I” always said “I.”

I want to do it myself.

I want to do it.

The innocent ego at an early age gets used to the surroundings as it gets older.

It seems that I like this.

I’m like me, I’m

Think about what I am

I try to put on various things.

Take off, put on, stack, and combine.

Freely customizable attachments that can be attached and detached

I will dress well

I am all of them

Even if there is nothing to cover me, I will still be

I’m here when I only knew.

Enjoy me and bounce lightly.

*I am not native English speaker. AI translation + self-editing and posting.

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