My 95-year-old grandmother lives alone. Her livelihood is to watch a samurai drama channel on CS TV.

One day, she couldn’t watch the channel.

It’s just that the television has switched to another channel, but it’s an unlikely event for my grandmother.

The samurai drama channel has become full of contemporary dramas.

She thought that the channel policy had changed, and she couldn’t live a life full of samurai drama again.

She was deprived of the pleasure of living and was depressed.

You’ll say that all she has to do is to retune the channel.

At the age of 95, common sense doesn’t work.

I guess she tried various things with the remote control, but she can’t see, she can’t hear, she is unsteady on her feet, and she is slow to think.

It’s like she is living in a different dimension.

She can’t do it easily.

However, she had the power to act to overcome her difficulties.

I told her on the phone that the samurai drama channel wasn’t gone,

My grandmother said, “I’ll call the channel.”

I suggested that she rely on my mother (her daughter), who lives nearby, but she didn’t.

She hung up quickly.

My grandmother can’t hear them well on the phone, and she can hardly talk. With her ears, calling the customer center may not work.

My grandmother might not be able to solve the problem just by listening to it on the phone, and she might be even more depressed and weeping that she could not see the samurai dramas.

I called her again.


I called again in about 20 minutes, and it was connected.

She said with a cheerful voice, “It was okay!”

She said that the person who responded at the customer center taught her very politely.

My grandmother said she was able to retune the channel.

Right now, she was watching her favorite “The Unfettered Shogun (Abarenbō Shōgun).”

My grandmother was full of gratitude that the person at the customer center was very nice.

But how difficult was that person to deal with his grandmother?

I felt a miracle and thanked the person at the customer center as her grandchild.

Anyway, my grandmother struggled and overcame the difficulties on her own.

It would have bothered others, but it was done.

Nice fight.

*I am not native English speaker. AI translation + self-editing and posting.

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